Retaining Relevance: With or Without Computers?

“You can’t live with ‘em and you can’t live without ‘em”, has been, and still is, said about many things, and most everyone can make their own list!


Regardless of the item under scrutiny, one’s tolerance, approach, and perception of the item, person, or concept governs which direction the balance moves: toward “with” or toward “without”.  As you might have noted, when a balance, or scale, moves in one direction it moves away from the opposite direction, but this opposite direction, and what it represents, still remains regardless of the selection made.


Making certain choices excludes one thing for pursuit of the other. However, this no longer applies in deciding to accept or reject living with computers: making this choice will not change the fact of their existence and it will not change their level of integration into our whole way of life. In fact, that level of integration often makes them unnoticed as they run in the background doing the things they do that make our lives different than they would be without them. Indeed, one could ask, “is “living without ‘em” even an option anymore?”


We retain relevance as we recognize it’s our choice to select what degree computers and digitalization remain in the foreground of our perceptions and thinking. Our response to the presence of automation and digitalization will vary from another’s but being aware of and accepting our personal level of control in the current situation should reassure us of our capacity to change. New situations or perspectives always bring along some stress or anxiety for each of us, but debilitation or inaction does not need to be the default response. 


Recognize your relevance; when the comfort zone becomes a “discomfort” zone it’s time to move on and build a new perspective about how to live with or without computers. You are not alone in these situations and experienced guides are available when needed.


- by James R. Plautz

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