09. September 2018
Digitalisierung, Führung und Emotionale Kompetenz. Wie passen diese Dinge zusammen? Und wie nicht?

21. August 2018
“You can’t live with ‘em and you can’t live without ‘em”, has been, and still is, said about many things, and most everyone can make their own list...

09. August 2018
Dieser Beitrag ist der erste von mehreren Artikeln über Führung und Digitalisierung, die in den nächsten Monaten hier erscheinen werden.

28. June 2018
For the past 20 years the 85-years old woman had sent her news and greetings to the family “overseas” as handwritten letters that arrived via Air Mail. Eventually, as her hands grew weaker, the writing became more strenuous and the words less legible.

14. June 2018
The “Internet of Things” grew and became the basis to extend the reach and speed with which the “Fear of Missing Out” touched our lives and gave fuel to the innate envy machine.