Senior Consulting Toxicologist

Over 30 years of toxicology experience: the last 20 years with three major chemical manufacturing companies, based in the United States and Europe, ensuring products’ safety and compliance in their global markets of ingredients for Personal Care, Home Care, and Human and Animal Nutrition Products, as well as Drug Ingredients.

Experienced in supporting cosmetic ingredient safety for most all types of substances from synthesis, reformulation, impurities assessments and final product through safety assessment dossier preparation and discussion with Competent Authorities for regulatory approvals. Majority of ingredients were for personal and home care products, including a number of U.S. FDA- regulated ingredients, and Food Additives and Vitamins.

Sixteen years providing toxicology support as contractor to US Regulatory Agencies including US EPA Pesticides Program for registrations review and evaluation; the National Toxicology Program, through NIEHS, as data auditor, and toxicology study reviewer; and as independent consultant to small enterprises ensuring safety and regulatory compliance of their products.

Extensive experience in several US and EU company locations managing large and small contracts, professional staff and project colleagues for effective projects’ completion.