In a change process, there are always various crucial points to consider. We support you in making this process as successful as possible. In addition to strategic advice, we can also perform operational tasks such as tailor-made analyzes or event planning and facilitation as required.

1. Get-To-Know

In a non-binding initial meeting, we get to know each other and define the framework for possible cooperation.

2. Agreement

In case you decide to work with us, we will set out the goals and conditions in writing.

3. Process Draft

On the basis of our discussions, we recommend a process that we finally adopt together.

4. Implementation

You implement the planned steps, whereby we always support you with moderation and advice. 

5. Evaluation

We evaluate the effects of the measures and draw a conclusion for their success. 

6. Outlook

As at the beginning, we sit together and discuss a reasonable further course of action.