1. The human being is the focus. Not the means.
  2. People are the only true source of innovation.
  3. Real change happens between people through their interaction.
  4. There is no such thing as an objective reality, just the sum of all subjective realities. Therefore changes of perspective are essential.
  5. Understanding for one another leads to openness and trust, which in turn promotes willingness to make efforts, creative thinking and the courage to try new things.
  6. Mistakes are human. An open and productive approach to mistakes is essential for sustainable learning and development.
  7. The complex requirements and problems of our time can only be solved together.
  8. A clear and stretched common goal is essential for a sense of togetherness and an inspiring cooperation.
  9. Fear and anger prevent understanding. A mindful and constructive handling of emotions can and must be practiced. 
  10. A culture demonstrates the actions of those involved. Therefore, establishing a culture means practicing action. 




Our change support enables ...


... faster and more efficient implementation of the change processes.


... a better understanding and thus more acceptance and a more efficient implementation of change projects.


... a minimization of resignation, frustration and overheating of the employees, which saves money, time and health.


... an increase in motivation and willingness to work through open and clear communication and the meaningful involvement of those affected.


... recognizing and understanding resistance and converting it into productive energy