HBDI® Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument

Everyone has their own thinking preference. This influences the way of communicating, making decisions, solving problems, working in a team and much more. If you understand your own thinking preferences, completely new perspectives open up - your talents and capabilities become visible as well as tendencies of avoidance.


With the Whole Brain® Thinking Model, thinking preferences can be mapped in an easy and understandable way. The core of the model is the HBDI® thinking style analysis. It measures four integrated systems of thinking that help explain personal and professional success. 


The Whole Brain® Thinking Modell can be used in various areas - it is one of our many tools that help people to approach change in a positive way.


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How does HBDI® work?

HBDI® is a physiological instrument. With the help of 120 questions it identifies and shows the characteristics of the thinking style preferences. These relate metaphorically to the architecture of the brain.


The results are neutral, they are not subject of any cultural influence.


The participants of an HBDI® analysis receive a link and fill out an HBDI® online questionnaire. The HBDI® profile package includes an individual profile that is commented on 4 brochures that explain the personal profile and associated results in detail, as well as a feedback session to discuss the impact, e.g. on personal and professional life.


Foundation Workshop to Whole-Brain Thinking™

There are personal advantages when people know their thinking preferences and are able to use them in the concepts of Whole-Brain Thinking™. You may enrich your thinking preference with less used thinking styles, perceive the thinking styles of others more sensitively and engage better with people.


HBDI® Individual Profile

Understanding one's own thinking preferences opens up new perspectives  regarding our own perception, and also how we perceive the people we deal with on a daily basis.


HBDI® Team Profile

The use of HBDI® helps in team development processes to understand the group holistically, i.e. to be recognized as a unity and unique system. The use of an HBDI® profile is effective for teams to sum up strengths and potential challenges in team work.