By providing employees motivation and self-determination they are fully empowered for taking responsibility throughout their daily business. But without the Gift of the Goose this effect is lost, soon. What’s this specific quality we can learn from the behavior of geese?

The Gift of the Goose is essential to keep the other two benefits alive. Geese have to travel for thousands of miles and with every stroke of their wings they appreciate and motivate each other by continuously honking. Every honk is a positive appraisal of the other geese’s efforts.

The three basic aspects of the Gift of the Goose are:


1.    Active or passive praise must be genuine.

2.    Without noticing the score there is no game. Every single progress must be celebrated.

3.    Money is important for the body and one’s own life, but compliments are valuable for one’s self-esteem.


Therefore it’s all about establishing a true and authentic culture of praise within an organization. To keep the motivation on a high level the acknowledgement of minor achievements are of significant importance. Additionally, the material and the intangible rewards are essential for self-confidence among the team. By providing the corresponding praise for the effort of the employees, and vice versa, we can establish a praise culture that enhances the motivational level and adds trust and confidence for everybody involved.