The majority of change processes are either discontinued or the objective is missed. Why is this so?


The conventional management model is focused on driving and controlling the change process from the uppermost management level downward into the organization: the “Top Down Approach”, which then permeates the organization. Technical methods and tools are applied to reach the change goals.


We believe that complex and adaptive challenges are successfully achieved and implemented when they are examined and addressed from various perspectives and take into consideration the non-linear factors and unpredictable elements found in meaningful discourse.


Using this approach enables us to work with our customers to find and work on the key themes within the team, such as:

Complexity and Paradoxes

Ralph Stacey (2015)


Me and us, me or us or me and you?


The Stacey Diagramme

explained by Robert Geyer (2013)


How do we create something new in harmony?