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CHRYSALIS Services - The Change Company® supports and provides customized guidance focused specifically to each of our clients and their Organizations. With our combined approach using targeted concepts and coaching we convey to you the insights we’ve gained in our numerous years of experience. Our goal is to impart a durable impact of the change’s result, both for the organization and within you as a self-motivated participant in sustaining the future progress.


We are motivated to develop and design various ways to bring you through the world of change, which in turn inspires us to provide guidance and support. Our approach helps the employee, and individual, within their organization to recognize and put to positive application the chances and opportunities that always arise in a change experience. Together the individual and the organization benefit from mutual success.



Representative Challenges of our Clients 


Change causes uncertainty and stress in everyone and may hinder the engagement with the change process by employees at all levels of the organization. Organizational political dynamics influence the transparent and successful communication needed for working together through the change processes. Individuals are torn between focus on the current daily work and the future perspectives and processes that can be over-shadowed by leaders and managers with different interpretations and strategies of their operational roles. Trust is weakened or lost within teams, departments, or, worse, the entire organization. Individuals are resistant to the change and take an active role in obstructing the change through their own actions, which prevents constructive team work within different areas of the organization.



 Representative Approaches from CHRYSALIS Services


Using open discussions, dialog and exchanges among and between individuals we create situations that encourage inspiration and insights from which new approaches can emerge.  In complex change situations we seek to move away from the non-constructive “either-or” single choice approach and encourage “and” thinking, meaning that other alternatives could be possible. Through their reflection, expressed in writing and talking with each other, personal experience and development are accumulated and applied.


Specifically, we work with some, among others, of the following instruments or tools:

  • Situational analysis
  • Story-telling and Organizational communication
  • Customized curricula in workshops with smaller or larger groups
  • Synergy Sessions
  • Shadowing or mirroring the new situation through focus on individual themes and topics
  • Coaching
  • Reflection



The individual, as seen in the above diagram, is the center and focus of our work. Accordingly, starting with the individual’s Self-reflection on the emerging perspective(s), it is transferred and spread successively to the Team, the Area, the local organization, and throughout the entire company.


The role of the individual in this overall and joint process always remains in focus. Our experience has shown us that individuals remain effectively engaged and involved in the change process when they recognize their own importance and contribution to an effective change process.



 Representative Experiences of our clients
with CHRYSALIS Services


After a beginning stage of confusion, feelings of disconnection, and anxiety with the coming changes, the individual then starts to recognize their own importance and role in helping to set the direction. This enhances their own engagement with the process and they take up their individual responsibilities to further the interest and satisfaction in bringing the new situation into existence. The newly experienced approach to communication and dialog becomes part of the new culture and increases appreciation of the value of their co-workers, which brings interpersonal respect and a sustainable strengthening of the new culture.


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