Change Coaching


Most often we support our clients through the challenges for leadership and cooperative working relationships that arise from strategic and organizational changes. Typically, the client does not see these topics to be the challenges they really are until the implementation phase of the new organizational change.


In the initial work contract discussions, we find the challenges to be multi-faceted and more complex than our client originally anticipated. Therefore, at the levels of leadership and the affected team we work on the needed adaptive changes by focusing on:

  • The importance and need to change one’s behavior;
  • The organizational complexity within a global context;
  • The social and political dimensions that accompany every large change situation.


In our work with you on your project, we lead structured discussions that allow open exchanges and discourses, encouraging each affected individual to participate actively in the discussions. From the iterative process of open discussion and debate arises a new level of working together that forms an essential part of adopting a new attitude and set of behaviors.


If you are open to go a different, customized way through your change, then contact us!

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