HBDI® Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument

Each person has their own preferred thinking style that influences their way of communicating, of reaching decisions, problem solving, learning, working in a team, and so much more. When one knows and understands their thinking preferences it opens new perspectives, revealing not only talents and potential but also one’s avoidance tendencies.


With the Whole Brain® Thinking Model one can learn easily to understand their preferred thinking style as demonstrated by the HBDI® thinking style analysis process. This is a world-wide established model for analyzing individual potential, personality preferences, and developing individuals, teams and organizations. As a trained and Certified HBDI® partner, we offer this as one of our many tools to help individuals take a more constructive approach to change situations.


More detailed information can be obtained at HBDI® US



How is the HBDI® method used?


The instrument is based on the answers to 120 questions that are not influenced by cultural differences and individual values. The analysis reveals the thinking style and preferences as they are related to the metaphorical structure of the brain.


A participant in an HBDI® assessment will receive from us the internet link where they will fill in their answers to the online questionnaire. We then prepare the HBDI® Profile Package that contains the individual’s profile and four brochures providing explanation of the questionnaire’s results. The key benefit arises from our interpretive discussion with the participant wherein we will explain how their thinking preferences emerge or can be applied in professional and personal situations.





In this HBDI® short workshop you will get to know the different thinking preferences and experience how this instrument discloses new perspectives.



Duration: 1h

Location: CHRYSALIS Services AG, Bäumleingasse 10, Basel

Price: CHF 55.- 





It brings an advantage to an individual, and to organizations, when individuals know and understand their own thinking style preferences shown by the Whole Brain® Thinking Model. This allows one to be aware of their preferred thinking style, to extend their thinking into the other less frequently used styles, to better understand the thinking style of others, and thereby better communicate with others.


This workshop includes three modules:

  • Personal HBDI® profile and e-learning (preparation online)
  • Fundamental workshop
  • Personal feedback (follow up)
Duration: 4h
Price: CHF 825.- per person, includes the HBDI® questionnaire, the profile package. Refreshments are provided during breaks and the workshop.





When you understand your own thinking style preference it brings a new perspective to your perceptions, not only of yourself but also of others with whom you have regular contact.



Duration: 4h

Location: CHRYSALIS Services AG, Bäumleingasse 10, Basel or by videocall.

Price: CHF 650.- per person, includes HBDI® profile package





The HBDI® is an effective support system to a team’s development process because it reveals how understanding one another’s thinking preferences can help build a group of individuals into a team unit. The HBDI® Team Profile will show the group’s effective strengths and those areas needing attention in order to ease the team-development process.


Duration: 4-hour team workshop, plus individual 1-hour profile interpretations 

Location:  We will offer the Workshop at your preferred location! 

Price: The price will depend on the number of participants, location, and related logistics, so please contact us for a free, non-binding cost estimate! 




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