Consultant & Facilitator

I pursued my passion for education and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Primary Education and thereafter attended the University of Basel for the Master of Arts in Educational Sciences. I have applied and used the professional skills acquired in these degree programs, both during my studies and currently, and am now serving as a part-time mentor and lecturer at the University of Teacher Education Northwestern Switzerland (PH FHNW). I have the pleasure and privilege to guide these future teachers as they acquire their own professional competences.


Also with CHRYSALIS Services I am engaged in the education and the teaching profession. From one aspect my work as a consultan and facilitator is mainly regarding school improvement projects and in addition I have enrolled in a Ph.D. program as a researcher in this field. The other aspect is my role in developing workshops in which i strive to bring the participants to exchange their perspectives on the topic and thereby reach new  understanding of overcoming barriers to progress and opening new horizons.



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